Abstract Topophilia® - The Love of Place.

Topophilia: The emotional bond between people and place - the ‘Love of Place.’

"I created Abstract Topophilia, love of place, out of an unconventional approach to art. Like the places I capture, the pieces are moving, pulsing, ever changing. The shaped edges and cut outs break up the traditional hard lines of a square canvas that confine the experience, allowing the viewer to expand the painting beyond its borders with their knowledge of the area." - ben



Artist Bio:

    Ben Joyce invites the viewer to transcend their experience of place through a radical new use of structure, form and elements. Ben has always felt compelled to share his artistic talents; from a young age, his study of form and space led to architectural works completed in the US by his early 20's. Then, while studying fresco, sculpture and color in Florence, Italy, he began his search for a new expressive connection to place. He was struck by the Europeans strong pride of P=place, and their love of the places they live. During this time, he mainly painted traditional landscapes, realistic in approach. The frustration came, when he’d paint over 40% of his work to create a perspective. For all his devotion to his Artwork, he desired to imbue an emotional recognizance particular to each individual. 

    Combining the ‘Love of Place’ and the structure of landscape one could travel through, Abstract Topophilia™ was born. Ben realized in painting from a birds-eye vantage point, it would force the viewer to connect to the piece on a personal level, and experience a personal odyssey through the piece.

    Ben’s work is constantly evolving, with his first Abstract Topophilia™ creation completed over 16 years ago. Since then, his work has found its home in a myriad of public and private collections both in the United States and abroad. Google Earth has invited Ben to create an annual 6 month exhibit in their corporate headquarters. They effervesce about Ben's ability to bring life and emotion to the static images they study everyday. Ben shows throughout the country from New York City to Chicago, Miami to San Francisco; and, he is always refreshingly amazed that the connection to place is universal. Ben just completed the artwork for 18 transit stations in Las Vegas, depicting the stunning topography of Southern Nevada. His private commissions have been created for some of the biggest celebrities and most prominent corporations across the globe; a recent commission of three pieces were for a private 737 Boeing Business Jet, a complimentary setting for his work.

Ben currently lives in Spokane, WA.


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